Black Resiliency Fund,

In Honor of Earyn McGee.

Earyn is a PhD candidate at the Uni. of Arizona in the School of Natural Resources and the Environment. She is passionate about field research, herpetology, and social justice. This is reflected in her research which focuses on how drought affects lizards in arid environments and also how to increase the representation of African American women in her field. She has served her community as mentor, inclusive excellence committee co-chair, and as a science communicator. Most notably on her social media, she runs a popular game called #FindThatLizard. Every week she posts a photo of a lizard camouflaged in its natural environment and players have to find it, using this as an opportunity to teach and build a greater appreciation for lizards. In 2019, Earyn was named an AAAS Mass Media Fellow, a program designed to teach scientists how to be effective science communicators. In 2020, she was recognized for her efforts as a Forbes 30 under 30 in Science. After she graduates, Earyn aspired to host a natural history show that teaches people about animals while showcasing Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color doing important conservation work.